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Healing Hypnotically GA  
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IBS Helped with Hypnosis!

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is defined by Wikipedia as a form of psychotherapy that is developed to make unconscious changes to the patient in new reactions, feelings, outlook, behaviors and way of thinking. It uses guided rest, powerful meditation and focused concentration to attain a higher state of attentiveness which sometimes leads to spell. When a person is at this state, everything around is momentarily blocked or disregarded. While a person is on hypnotherapy, all the attention is focused on the specific task that a trained therapist has given the person. 

How does Hypnotherapy work?

As hypnotherapy makes the person explore painful experiences, feelings, thoughts and memories which are hidden from their conscious mind, a trained therapist need to direct or guide the patient very well in order for that person to succeed his goal. One of the goals could be curing irritable bowel syndrome with hypnotherapy.

A trained therapist can use 2 ways of hypnosis:

  • Suggestion Therapy – In this therapy, the patient will be given suggestions which the patient can either respond positively or negatively. The therapist can then assess which responses can better improve the person’s behavior. This is the best way for patients to change specific behaviors, feelings and experiences into a more positive way like curing irritable bowel syndrome with hypnotherapy. The patient can concentrate on ways to better resolve the irregular or the painful experience of IBS.
  • Analysis – This kind of approach is looking for the cause of the symptom or the pain that the patient is experiencing. This could be some traumatic experiences or symptoms that the patient has been hiding or denying. As soon as the symptoms are finally laid out, the problem can be addressed with the help of hypnotherapy

Ideally, curing irritable bowel syndrome with hypnotherapy is the best advice for any person that is suffering from this condition because there are no structural damages done to the body. There are neither major operations nor stress during the whole treatment process. The whole procedure would only let the person have more control on their gut function which would lead to a change on the way the brain adjusts on the patient’s gut movement.

Curing Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy or commonly known as Hypnosis has become more popular as it brings improvement to many conditions like phobias, fears, anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, stress, post trauma anxiety, grief and loss. Now, one of the conditions that were added to its success is curing irritable bowel syndrome with hypnotherapy. But before we delve deeper into how it worked, let us know what the condition is about.

What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBS or spastic colon is described by Wikipedia as a persistent abdominal pain, uneasiness, bloating or the changes of bowel habits. There has been no known organic cause by this symptom-based analysis. Irritable Bowel Syndrome will be given as a diagnosis on the basis of its symptoms, which is if these factors are absent: age of onset greater than 50 years, weight loss, gross hematochezia, systemic signs of infection or colitis and family history of inflammatory bowel. 

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   Dr. Joyce Gale 770-966-5200

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  • Complementary Alternative therapy proven to work for Cancer patients giving them power to be a part of the treatment!
  • About Dr. Gale

    Hypnosis is “almost magical” in the way it helps people let go of stress and achieve their goals, whatever those might be: becoming pregnant, quitting smoking or sticking to a weight-loss plan, according to local hypnotist Dr. Joyce Gale

    Hypnosis also can influence children to behave in school, relax during a test or stop wetting the bed.

    However, Dr. Gale warns, hypnosis won’t work for someone who is not fully vested in achieving their goal or making a change. She says a perfect example is the chain-smoker who only wants to quit because his doctor said to do so.

    Hypnosis is not what it was portrayed to be on television in the 1950s, when hypnotists were often shown convincing some unfortunate volunteer to cluck like a chicken or play the fool in a myriad of ways, he said.

    “Hypnosis won’t make you do anything that you don’t normally want to do,” Dr. Gale said.

    How it works

    During hypnosis, patients are induced into a state of deep relaxation, where the conscious mind is distracted, allowing the subconscious mind to accept positive suggestions from the hypnotist, Dr. Gale explained.

    Since 1994, she has been teaching self-hypnosis to clients. Clients learn the skills to hypnotize themselves.

    “They can reinforce the work I do, and they learn to take on new challenges or issues,” she said.

    She also teaches chiropractors, doctors and mental health professionals how to incorporate hypnosis into their practices.

    He said chiropractors turn to hypnosis because it is easier to do adjustments on patients when they are relaxed.

    Fertility doctors use it to calm patients who are stressed out, because the last thing the body will do when it’s in fight-or-flight mode is conceive a baby.

    Very often, Dr. Gale said, cancer patients have problems with chemotherapy, such as loss of appetite or nausea. The stress can be so great that they vomit on the way to the doctor’s office.

    “With hypnosis, (Hypno-Chemo) we can help them eliminate the stress and anxiety they feel, and increase their appetite,” he said.

    It also can help maximize the benefits of medication and, in turn, minimize the dosage — which reduces the risk of side effects, Dr. Gale said.

    Dr. Gale said psychiatrists and psychologists favor hypnosis because of the rapid results it produces. Best of all, through self-hypnosis, he said, patients become capable of working through their issues by themselves.

    Why it works

    Hypnosis works because it reinforces a person’s self-confidence and desire to achieve their goals, Dr. Gale said.

    “Their confidence is enhanced at the subconscious level, not just at the conscious level,” she said. “Thus, their motivation is always much stronger.”

    In 1987, Dr. Gale took a one-hour hypnosis session to quit smoking and she was hooked. The journey to learn as much as she could about hypnosis and she continues to learn new techniques every chance she gets.

    When she began to regularly practice what he learned, she said, she kicked a lot of old habits for good. Procrastination no longer an issue.

    Later on, she practiced self-hypnosis daily to achieve success in business, she said, and once again it worked.

     “One thing about hypnotism is, as long as somebody can prop me up in a chair and I can talk, I can continue doing this until I cannot do it anymore,” she said. Dr. Gale has MS and knows that as long as she can speak she can help others.

    "Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried." Author Unknown 
    Stop burring your dreams!


    Beneficial Areas Include:

    • Addiction Control: Nicotine, Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Eating Disorders / Weight Loss, Nail Biting, and Overspending, gambling
    • Physical Conditions: Insomnia, Pain Management, Fibromyalgia, and IBS, cancer, Lupus & M.S.
    • Phobias: Fear of Flying, Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, Fear of Public Speaking, Fear of Tight Spaces, Fear of Driving, and even Fear of Death

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    You may experience nausea, cramping, and vomiting for the first 10 to 21 days following the insertion of the balloon. You need to follow your doctor’s recommendation to increase your fluid intake to minimize these side effects. The doctor may also prescribe medication to address the discomfort as needed.

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  • Hypnotherapy has shown positive results in a wide variety of therapeutic issues. It separates itself from conventional therapy because a hypnotherapist generally concentrates on the role of subconscious behaviors and influences on a patient's life. Hypnotherapy has shown beneficial in several areas.
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    Recent study shows benefits of Medical Hypnosis include: less pain, shorter stay in hospital, reduced recovery time, and saves money. Check out this link! =====================================================

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    Everyday I see the results of the program. It makes my heart feel good to know that lives are being changed with the work that I do.

    The Hypno-Band program is what the world has been looking for, it combines the behavioral changes on the subconscious level but also works on positive feedback. By de-programming your mind from the years of unhealthy eating and living you become a totally well rounded person.

    The program is four sessions of which the third is the surgery. You get cd to listen to in between visits.

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    What is stress and trauma doing to your body?

    Have you experienced trauma? How has it affected you?

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    Your mind is in control of your body, so imagine what is
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    Are you stressed at work? At home? Or both?

    Has life not turned out how you planned?

    Are you still living with childhood trauma?

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Hypnotism for weight loss has been proven to work with your subconscious mind to help you reach your goal. Hypnotherapy has been approved since 1958 by the A.M.A.
Weight loss hypnotism has no side effect all benefits! So call today and change your life now!
This is not a medical weight loss plan, no HCG, not quick weight loss. But a natural way to lose using your subconscious mind. Once you go through the program you will feel better loss the weight and want to exercise. So stop watching your waste and wasting your life sitting there, get up and call there is a whole great big world you know you want to explore! Think of all the places you can go things you can see. It time to take control of your life today!
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